About Us

We at REDKITE are experts in delivering intelligent solutions for the hospitality & aviation industry. We provide the leadership and insight to transform brand promises into operational reality and bottom line results – every time.

Why only Hospitality & Aviation? Well, our team at Redkite has a voracious lust for quality, impeccable service, good food, and traveling that we wanted to be immersed in it for the rest of our lives.

We work exclusively in hospitality & aviation sectors because we love it and your customers do too. We put ourselves in their shoes every time, so you can be assured you're getting a solution that helps your customers.

We work with our clients to help them deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences in order to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, which drive company growth and profitability. We identify and recruit the key people that the business requires thus empowering them towards their organizational goals.

We offer host of services for Aviation and Hospitality professionals seeking to enhance their career pursuits or skills training. Our expertise lies in placing the right talent in the right role, career advancement, resume reshaping services, interview training skills, personality development, social etiquettes and overseas recruitment & migration.

Specialist knowledge in concept & strategy development, recruitment, marketing, branding, design, customer experience management & operations makes us the perfect partner for your growth & success simply because - your success is ours!

Red Kite – Point of Differentiation

Red Kite specializes in Differentiation. We are the catalyst for change and to arrive at the desired end result. Our strength lies in providing intelligent solutions to our clients enabling them to differentiate themselves from the competition and drive profitability and growth without leaving it to chance.

Recruitment Services

Red Kite Consulting is a
specialist Executive Recruitment
firm focusing on Hospitality & Aviation
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Hospitality Consulting

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Concept Development
  • Operations
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